Welcome to P.A.C.!
We are a 501c3 Non-Profit Animal Welfare organization, 
working to improve the Mastic, Mastic Beach and Shirley 
communities by helping pets and their families 
through education and support.
Our goal is to decrease pet overpopulation and homelessness while helping 
both people and animals by providing access to spay/neuter programs, 
low cost veterinary care, supplies, training and 
access to additional resources while advocating for stronger animal welfare laws.

The purpose of the formation of P.A.C. is to decrease the overpopulation of animals 
in our communities as well as decrease the number of pets surrendered to animal shelters. 
We plan on accomplishing our goal by developing a non-judgmental arena 
to provide support to community members. 
We plan to create a community resource center where we can provide services as necessary. 
We will partner with national animal welfare organizations to create a humane animal movement 
in our community and then expand into surrounding communities where there is a need.